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028Obi-WanKenobi 00b
028Obi-WanKenobi 00b

19.01.2022, 02:57

30thAC Basic Figures 2008

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TAC08-01: Obi-Wan Kenobi (7)
TAC08-02: Darth Vader (6)
TAC08-03: Commander Gree (8)
TAC08-04: Kashyyyk Trooper (6)
TAC08-05: Tri-Droid (6)
TAC08-06: 2-1B (Surgical Droid) (6)
TAC08-07: Po Nudo (6)
TAC08-08: Mustafar Panning Droid (9)
TAC08-09: Imperial EVO Trooper (5)
TAC08-10: Imperial Jumptrooper (4)
TAC08-11: Maris Brood (5)
TAC08-12: Darth Vader (Battle Damage) (9)
TAC08-13: Rahm Kota (5)
TAC08-14: Shadow Guard (5)
TAC08-15: Juno Eclipse (7)

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